Knowledge Base


 1.we didn’t find the WIFI setup N380W to able it. Please let me know the procedure

Firstly,Enter into the “Local Desktop”it will popup the “WIFI Setup Dialog”

2.N380 Thin client can support Citrix?

Yes,but we will extra add citrix in it so please let me know if you need.

3.we want to use VPN,It is ok?

Surely,you can use N380 Thin client,we can extra add VPN

4.How to put our application on win ce OS,And startup automatically run application?

We will send you software which can automatically run in startup

5.which thin client can support touch screen and scanning gun.

N380 Thin client can support touch scree,but you had better tell me your touch screen driver then we put it into win ce,it can normally run.

6.N380 Thin client configuration 128M RAM 128M FLASH is not enough for us,can you updated it ?

Yes,but it must be updated by us,because it is integrated into the mainboard IC,you can not updated it by yourself. we can extend RAM 256M,FLASH 2GB,WIFI 150Mbps,besides,if your application have high configuration with video player. you can choose to add Video decode in it,it can smoothly play the video

7.Thin client N380 how to work?

It have two working mode,mini pc mode,you can play advertise and video as display terminal under windows CE OS. another hand,it can login in the host computer by RDP 6.0,Share server with muti-user pc

8.LINUX Thin client FL300 Can support HDMI 1080P Video,microphone,speaker?

Yes,but it can not stand-alone run,just share server with different users with good performance. it is widely used in the call center,office,meeting room and so on

9.FL300 support the second developement?

No,it can not support,now it is system is seal,so you can not do the second developement in it.

10.please let me know WIN CE Thin Client Change bootscreen passworld and the logo format

Change boot screen Password:thinclientupdateme  Logo Format: Length 800x Width 600 BMP Format