• N380W Thin Client

Win CE 6.0 OS Ultra Thin client PC Station Net Computer Network Terminal N380 Embedded ARM Mainboard
Shenzhen OEM Zero Client RDP PC Thin Client N380 Software developmet Solution
1.Extra add two pcs serial Port
2.Integrated the Citrix Receiver
3.Change Registar code,and let it auto run about your application
4.Touch screen,scanning gun supported
5.Windows Embedded CE OS for project is more safety and steady
6.OEM Thin Client OS for your application
7.Stand-alone run win ce thin client
8.Max Resolution 720×480,full screen Media Player locally
9.Environment:C# .net 2.0/3.5 frame,C++
10.Support Serial port Printer /1-9’LCD Moniter with LVDS Port
11.Host pc operating system:Windows XP, windows server 2003, Windows 7,Windows Server 2008,Linux ubuntu
12.User Software:Server desktop Virtualization software with RDP 6.0/Citrix


Working Mode
1. Sharing work mode
you can set up sharing cloud computing network, the desk Cloud Computing Terminal use the resources
of the main HOST, and run remote desktop. It works just like a full typical desktop computer.

2. Mini PC mode
it can work as a mini computer with WIN CE 6.0 OS. You can surf internet, enjoy cloud computing, run
simplify Office software and even download data to your USB flash memory or.You also can use wireless
mouse and keyboard in it.


How to use thin client
1.Connect Keyboards, Mouse , Network Cables , Speakers & Monitors into Corresponding ports.
Just Connect the Network cable with Server through switch.

2.Install the software provided by us in Server. Now your device is ready to act as Individual Computer


Thin client application
1. Window service industries: Banking, Taxation, Insurance, Securities, health, etc.
2. Education field: Network classrooms, Libraries, Student hostels, etc.
3.High security requirements agencies or departments: Design Institute, Government Departments
and the company’s R&D department, etc.
4. Public: Airports, Railway stations, Streets, Offices, etc.
5.Hotels: with T600 Cloud Computing Terminal, you don’t need to worry for customers’ demolition
and replacement of the HOST computers.
6. Customers who want a machine purely used for surfing.
7. Others, like real estate business, convention centers, exhibition halls, etc


Win CE Thin Client Recommend Host PC Configuration
2-3 users Pentium 4 (HT), >2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM
4-7 Users Pentium 4(HT), >3.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM
8-10 Users Pentium 4(HT), >3.2 GHz, 3 GB RAM
11-14 Users Intel P4,>3.2GHz,4GB RAM
15-20 Users XEON 2.8GHz orXEON 2.4GHz Dual, 3GB RAM
21-30 Users XEON 3.2GHz orXEON 2.8GHz Dual, 4GB RAM


Product appearance


Product Package







SizeAccess device 115X115X26mm
Power supplyInput: 220V AC, 50-60 Hz; Output: 5 V DC, 2 A Nominal consumption: 5 Watts
Front LED indicatorPower: connection to power supplyLAN: connection to networkReady: connection to host PC
Rear ports01 – Microphone in
02 – Speaker Out
03 – 3 USB 2.0 Ports
04 – LAN port (RJ45)
05 – Video port
06 – DC Power Input
07 – On/Off Power Switch
08 – DC Power input
Connection to host computerOnboard LAN 10/100 Mb/s connection
Video resolutionMax 1280*1024, 24bit colors; Widescreen 1440*900 support, or 24Bit
ProcessorCPU: 800MHz Chipset: ARM11
MemoryOnboard 128M/256MB RAMNOR FLASH 2M
StorageOnboard 128MB/2GB Flash
Operation systemWindows CE 6.0
Max users per pcUnlimited
Support host operation systemWindows XP, windows server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008,Linux ubuntu
User SoftwareServer desktop Virtualization software with RDP 6.0
Internal hardwareAll solid-state design.No Moving parts,no fans
Reliability(MTBF)>100000 Hours(Calculated using bellcore issue,6TR-332,Case2,PartI at 40℃)
Kit Contents01-access device
02-power supply
03-software installation & user’s guide in CD
04-VESA-Compliant monitor mounting bracket