• FL200 Thin Client

Shenzhen Zero Client Linux Thin Client FL200 Network Terminal Mini PC Station Embedded ARM Motherboard,CPU Dual-Core 1.0 GHz RDP7.1 HDMI Thin Client Green Computer Tclient-FL200,turn 1 PC into 2,3,4…..100 users!

-ARM A9 Dual Core 1 GHz
-ARM Mainboard,RAM 512MB,FLASH 512MB
-RDP 7.1 High Performance
-Full 32 Bit Color Support
-External USB HDD Lock
-High Security and Reliability
-Autoconnect at Startup
-Latest Linux 3.0 Embedded
-Best Price:Performance Ratio
-Work on Server Windows XP Windows 7 Server2008/2000/2003

Windows Thin Client Net Computer CPU Dura Core Low Consumption Mini PC Station Built-in Linux 3.0 OS RAM 512M Flash 512M Support Windows Multipoint Server 2012


The Advantages of Linux OS Tclient FL200
1. The same Configuration of linux thin client FL300.so the same fast and stable working performance as FL300.
2. The out shell adopt blue and white porcelain. Very nice and special,enough attractive.
3. Very easy installation and usage
4.With Fast Speed in MS office,Browsing Webpage and so on like mini pc
5.Connect thin client server with RDP 7.1 Protocol
6.32 Bit Color depth(WIN7/2008)
7.Thin client server Support WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/LINUX
8.Thin client device with Multi-language selection (System user interface)
9.Very easy installation and usage Thin Client Model
10.Zero Client Energy consumption 5W


The differences with WIN CE 6 OS N380
1. FL200 it’s very easy installation and usage, don’t have complicated UI as WIN CE 6 OS N380.
2. FL200 when connect with WIN 7 OS, no need to set time and date as same as WIN 7 OS Server.
3. FL200 work faster and stable much then WIN CE 6 OS N380
4. FL200 can support Irregular screen which WIN CE 6 OS N380 can’t support it.
5. FL200 with very nice out shell which adopt special blue and white porcelain. It’s really cheap thin client not only with good working performance but also fashion design.
6. FL200 with HDMI port.


Net Computer FL200 Application:
1.Computer Digital Libraries &Educational Institutions
2.Solar Computer Applications&Schools, Computer Labs
3.Small, Medium, Business & Office Applications
4.Manufacturing Industries & Computer Education for Rural Areas


Host PC Configuration

User Number CPU RAM HDD
Below 10 users Intel Core Duo2.0GHZor above 2GB-4 GB 500GB
10-20 users IntelCore Duo2.0GHZ above or Quad-Core 4GB-8GB 500GB
20-30 users Core Quad-Core 2.6GHZ above 8GB 1TB
30-50 users Xeon dual-core 2.3GHZ above or Quad-Core 8GB-16GB 1TB-2TB

Product appearance


Product Package  


Model NumberFL200
ProcessorDual Core 1Ghz
Built-in OSEmbedded linux 2.6 OS
VideoVGA Resolution800*600/1024*768/1366X768/1440*900/1280*1024
USB portUSB2.0 port×3
Storage512MB flash
External Storage4G TF Card
UpgradeFirmware Update
Physical Dimensions (mm)length:115mm width:115mm height: 26mm
Weight G155G
Power supplyDC 5V/2A
Energy consumptionStatic Power less than 5W,Maximum Power less than 7.5W
ProtocolRDP 7.1
External portUSB*3, RJ45, HDMI port. Power supply port,Switch port
Working Temperature-20 ~50°C
WIFIOnly support External USB WIFI(Extra Charge)