thin client in education

thin client in education

Tclient thin client product are used by colleges,universities,and local elementary,middle and high schools in

networked learning centers,classrooms and lecture halls,computer labs and libraries

More and more schools are replacing traditional PCs with thin clients. Here’s why:

  • Manageability – IT staffs can manage thin clients easier from one centralized location, instead of
  • running across school districts to troubleshoot thousands of desktop PCs.
  • Cost-Savings & Green Technology – Thin clients costs thousands of dollars less to deploy and
  • drastically reduce energy expenses, using 75%-85% less energy than PCs.
  • True PC-Like Experience - New technology, like the TC5 thin client and virtualization software,
  • allow students to watch video and access the Internet just like a PC.
  • Security - Students can be prevented from downloading files that contain spyware, malware,
  • and viruses because all applications are stored in the data center – not the desktop.


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