thin client in government

thin client in government

Government agencies today have to implement strict and reliable data protection controls.

Secure access to government information across multiple networks and classification levels used to be possible only

by complex operating systems, but a tailored Thin Client solution from BIG L.K. Systems offers a secure,

reliable and centralized access portal for authorized personnel while increasing performance and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The government needs to protect their data today more than ever. Thin client  computing and desktop virtualization

allows them to do just that, at a lower cost.Sensitive data accessed everyday by government personnel is stored securely in the data center.

Data breaches via stolen laptops and computers are avoided because there is no hard drive to store information.

Public servants also need to access mission-critical applications and information to respond effectively

to everything from emergencies and disasters to basic services. T client thin clients allows for secure remote access

government personnel need to perform.Embedded system hardware and software products are also delivered to government agencies