thin client in healthcare

thin client in healthcare

The leading cloud client provider for healthcare.

Tclient Thin Client Solutions for healthcare offer organizations a reliable, more secure way to manage patient records

and other critical medical information. Thin Client implementations can provide secure, centralized access to healthcare data,

helping reduce medical and billing errors. Centralized access can also improve clinical workflow, helping medical staff get quick,

reliable access to accurate information for an improved patient experience

You’ve seen the headlines. All too frequently healthcare facilities experience data breaches that negatively impact their patients,

reputations, and bottom lines.regulations and the amount of sensitive patient data on providers’ hardware make

IT security the number one concern in healthcare IT. Because thin clients have no hard drive, all sensitive patient data is stored on a server in the data center.

Data cannot be copied from a PC in a doctor’s office, stolen off of a laptop, or simply left unattended for people to see.

And with shrinking budgets, healthcare facilities who switch to thin clients can ensure lower costs and avoid costly lawsuits

without sacrificing the performance needed in fast-paced environments.

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