Green computing Thin Client SHAREVDI X3


ARM A9 Based SOC, all solid-state design, no moving parts, no fans

Can connect to windows / linux OS server

All types of USB Flash Drives support

Option for Local Browser, Video Player, Library Office, Voip Softphone, Skype, PDF Reader & other customizable Linux application as per your needs.



90% on maintenance cost as compared to regular CPU due to SOC (system on chip)

90% on power consumption cost due to 5V/2A adapter as compared to regular 400’w SMPS

60% on cost as compared to regular computer CPU box price

Space Saving as it can be mounted behind any LED / LCD screen or on any Wall / Table

Security | Data centralization | Easy administration and management | Increase productivity




SHAREVDI X3 for enterprise

1) Only 15.5*10.5*1.5CM mini size,it is very convenient to carry your work everywhere.

2) With RDP 7.1 protocol,X3 works well in MS office application and browsing,such as EXCEL,WORD,PPT.The operating speed is very fast and stable as host PC.

3) Enjoying 100% of PC’s experience at 1/3 the cost,X3 features low consumption <5W.


SHAREVDI X3 for education

1) Stable performance in the instant communication tools,such as Skype calling,MSN,Yahoo,TM etc,The microphone works well when connecting with server WIN XP/7/8/10/2008/2012/2016.

2) X3 works well in local streaming video when connecting with server.(all OS system in the host)

3) Multi-language selection (System user interface) :

Chinese,English,French,Japanese,Thai,Portuguese,Indonesia,Spanish etc.